Crazy Golf Course

All 9 holes of our Crazy golf course

Crazy golf course

Crazy Golf Course showing all nine holes.

Crazy golf hole number 2

pick away through to the other side


Crazy golf hole number 4

hole 5 , will it fit through the gap

Crazy golf hole number 6

Hole number 7

Hole number 7


hole 8 around the bend

hole 9 , one straight shot

Each hole is challenging, starting of with a easy hole working around to number 9 the difficulty level goes up with this crazy golf course. The best score so far is 17 shots. Marked by myself at a wedding near Cardiff. Great fun for everyone.

Crazy golf hire

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Many thanks Andrew

We also own

This is our second course we designed and hand built. The first course is now our back up course. Just in case we get severe damaged to a hole, we can go back over night and replace the damaged hole. This gives us the best option to always having nine different holes available for hire. There is the odd occasion that we use both courses on the same day, but it takes a lot of organizing , cleaning and maintenance for both courses.

We pride ourselves on being the best we can with the quality of the course, how clean it is , so it looks the best it can for any occasion. Being promptly onsite well before the event start time to make sure we are setup and ready for your event.

Each of our holes interlock in 3 sections. The course has been designed to not only cope with the British weather, but also to be stood on during play to make sure you get the right shot you need to get the best score. Upvc cladded and using artificial grass makes the course easy to clean and maintain throughout the season. Throughout the winter months the course goes through a rebuild ready for the season a head.